Add a Retract Program

You can easily create a new program that safely retracts the robot from the part to a safe position.

Similar to the previous operations:

1.With the robot placed at the last target, move the robot upwards by increasing the Z coordinate of the TCP with respect to the reference frame in the robot panel (highlighted case in the next image).

2.Select ProgramGetting Started - Image 40 Add Program, or the appropriate button in the toolbar.

3.Select ProgramGetting Started - Image 41 Move Linear Instruction, or the appropriate button in the toolbar Getting Started - Image 42. Rename it to Retract by pressing F2 key.

4.Select the Home target

5.Select ProgramGetting Started - Image 43 Move Joint Instruction. A new move instruction will be added, linked to the Home target.

Simulate each program individually by double clicking it. The simulation can be accelerated by holding the Spacebar key or selecting the Fast Simulation button Getting Started - Image 44/Getting Started - Image 45.

Getting Started - Image 46