Main Program

You can easily create a main robot program that executes the approach, paint and retract programs sequentially.

Follow these steps to create the main program:

1.Select ProgramGetting Started - Image 47 Add Program.

2.Select ProgramGetting Started - Image 48 Program Call Instruction.

3.Enter the name ApproachMove or select Select program to automatically select it.

4.Select OK.

5.Repeat the previous steps for PaintTop and Retract as shown in the next image

Double clicking the Main Program will run the complete simulation. Right click the Main Program and select Loop to make it simulate in a loop.

Getting Started - Image 49

If the reference frame Frame 2 is moved (for example, by holding Alt key and dragging the X/red axis of the reference frame), the object and targets will follow. If the targets become not reachable, a small warning sign will be displayed on the target icon Getting Started - Image 50 as shown in the next image.

Getting Started - Image 51