New RoboDK project

All robots, objects and tools used in a RoboDK project are saved as a RoboDK station (RDK file). A RoboDK station contains all settings related to robots, tools, reference frames, targets, objects and other parameters. The RoboDK station is stored in one file (RDK extension).

It is not required to keep a separate copy of the robot files, tools and objects as they are saved as one RDK file.

Follow these steps to create a new RoboDK project (RDK station):

1.Download and install RoboDK from the website:

2.Double click the shortcut on the Desktop Getting Started - Image 1

3.If other stations are open:      
select File
Getting Started - Image 2 New Station (Ctrl+N) to start a new project

Getting Started - Image 3Getting Started - Image 4

Multiple RoboDK projects can be open at the same time. Double clicking the Station icon Getting Started - Image 5 in the tree will activate and display that project.