RoboDK Add-Ins for CAD/CAM Software

RoboDK Add-ins for CAD/CAM software facilitate a streamlined workflow between CAD/CAM software solutions and RoboDK for robot manufacturing. CAD/CAM Add-ins act as native extensions to CAD/CAM software. They provide specialized functionalities, enabling enhanced integrations and processes.

RoboDK's CAD/CAM Add-ins simplify the transition from CAD/CAM environments to RoboDK's robotic simulation platform.

1.Direct Integration: Import parts, points, and curves directly from CAD/CAM solutions into RoboDK.

2.3-Axis & 5-Axis Tool Paths: Facilitates precise manufacturing applications, including drilling, welding, trimming, 3D printing, and robot machining.

3.Optimized Workflow: Reduces the need for redundant export-import steps, offering a more efficient work process.

For detailed information on individual plugins, their installation procedures, and operation, refer to the desired CAD/CAM platform.

1.RoboDK Add-In for BobCAD-CAM

2.RoboDK Add-In for FeatureCAM

3.RoboDK Add-In for Fusion 360

4.RoboDK Add-In for hyperMILL

5.RoboDK Add-In for Inventor

6.RoboDK Add-In for Mastercam

7.RoboDK Add-In for MecSoft

8.RoboDK Add-In for Onshape

9.RoboDK Add-In for Rhino

10.RoboDK Add-In for Siemens Solid Edge

11.RoboDK Add-In for SolidWorks