Han’s robots

This section of the documentation provides an overview of the typical operation of Han’s robots using RoboDK to send a program to the Han’s controller.

Transfer a program to the Han’s Controller

You can manually import robot programs generated from RoboDK to your Han’s robot controller.

You should follow these steps to import a RoboDK program into Han’s Controller:

1.Launch the Han’s controller and connect to the robot.

2.In RoboDK, Right-click the program you want to import and select Generate Robot Program as….

3.RoboDK will prompt you to save two files, one is a line-by-line script of the commands that will be sent to the controller and the other a .json file to be uploaded to the controller.

4.Select the location you would like to save each file; the .json file can be saved into a USB disk to be imported to the controller as a program.

5.In the controller, navigate to the Program tab.

6.To the right of the “Current program” name is a folder icon. Select this icon to open the Program file list.

7.Select the “Import” button at the bottom of the list.

Robots Hans - Image 1

8.Locate the .json file generated by RoboDK on the USB and select it.

9.Click on “Apply” to set the imported program as the active program.

Robots Hans - Image 2

10.The RoboDK program will be imported as a function calling a script.

11.Select the Blue start button to start running the program on the robot.

Robots Hans - Image 3