Hanwha robots

RoboDK supports all Hanwha robot controllers. You can create simulations and robot programs for Hanwha and you can also move the real Hanwha robot from RoboDK using the driver.

RoboDK driver for Hanwha

Robot drivers provide an alternative to Offline Programming. With the Hanwha drivers you can move a robot directly from RoboDK as you simulate your program (Online Programming). More information available in the Robot Drivers section.

Follow the steps below to configure RoboDK to work with Hanwha robots.

Step 1. Setup the Robot IP address

1.Log in as Administrator

Robots Hanwha - Image 1

2.Open SW Configuration Network Setting and fill in the parameters of your local network, in particular the IP address and subnet mask. Click Apply and agree to reboot if the system asks you to do so.

Robots Hanwha - Image 2

Step 2. Install the RoboDK Connector Plug-in

1.Log in as Administrator

2.Prepare a USB flash drive with the RoboDK.asar file on it and plug it into the robot controller or the teaching pendant.

3.Open Management Rodi-X Plug-in and click Add button to open the Select File dialog.

Robots Hanwha - Image 3

4.Choose RoboDK.asar and click OK.

Robots Hanwha - Image 4

5.Press the Restart button.

6.After reloading, you will be able to see information about the plugin.

Robots Hanwha - Image 5

7.Open Rodi X RoboDK and make sure that the Server Status field contains no error messages. If the TCP 7000 port appears to be occupied by another application, you can change it by entering another value in the Communication Port field and clicking Apply.

Robots Hanwha - Image 6

8.Now the robot is ready for remote control.

Step 3. Setup the RoboDK connection

1.Set up your RoboDK project and place one of the Hanwha robots in it. For example, the HCR-3.

2.Right-click on the robot in the project tree and select Connect to robot...

3.In the Connection to HCR-3 window, fill in the Robot IP/COM and Robot port fields (use the robot's IP address and the port number from the RoboDK Plug-in).

4.In the same window, click the More options button and type Hanwha in the Driver field (or use the Select button to select the appropriate driver from the list).

5.Click the Connect button and if all the settings are correct, you will see Ready in the Connection status bar.

Robots Hanwha - Image 7