RoboDK TwinBox

RoboDK’s compact solution for production robot integration

RoboDK TwinBox is all-in-one solution

All-in-one solution

  • Compact size, cost-effective, easy setup

  • RoboDK API features included

  • Controlled via a web browser

  • Real-time access from anywhere in the world

  • Full control over robots, devices and sensors

TwinBox Features

  • Remote access through a web browser

  • Space-efficient: No need for a local keyboard, mouse or display

  • Connect custom devices (cameras, sensors, ...)

  • Support for multiple robots

RoboDK TwinBox installed on NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX
RoboDK TwinBox with a real robot

How it works

  1. Build your project using RoboDK Desktop

  2. Load the station using your browser

  3. Execute the robot program via RoboDK TwinBox web interface

  4. Adjust the program if needed

TwinBox Specifications

  • Support of multiple operating systems: Windows, Linux Debian or Ubuntu

  • System requirements: Intel x86-64 platforms, ARM

  • Dedicated builds available: Nvidia Jetson, Raspberry Pi

RoboDK TwinBox in action

Extensive library

RoboDK supports over 1000 robots from 50 different manufacturers

  • Generate programs for your robot controller with just a few clicks

  • Easily model and synchronize additional axes

Find your robot in the RoboDK library

Proven Software Technology

From the world's largest companies
to startups.

Over 50,000 users in 50 countries
trust RoboDK Software.

RoboDK customers

RoboDK TwinBox Applications

Robot Welding


Robot dispensing


Robot inspection


Robot painting


Robot cutting


Robot drilling


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